27 and counting

The above photo was taken in London over 3 years ago, and is the closest thing I could find on my computer to what I really wanted - a frosted cake with candles.

Which brings me to the fact that in 27 days, I turn 31.

Before I turn 31, and officially take the leap from 30 to in my 30's, or worse yet - over 30*, I'm determined to finish a few things.

I'm not a big New Year's resolution maker, but with my Birthday so close to the start of the New Year, I find that I always set out in January determined to get everything done that I haven't managed in the previous year. Some highlights from the pre-30 list included:

  • Randomly kiss a stranger
  • Buy stockings with garters
  • Go and talk to Tom Everett Scott, who is standing at the end of the bar.

Since the above list was obviously concocted over my fourth glass of wine at 7B, I managed to promptly forget about it in the swell of the next morning's hangover and failed miserably. Have I mentioned how much I miss New York?

Previous failures aside, this year I am getting all TCB with the month before 31 and GETTING SHITE DONE. And the first thing to accomplish? Get back into the blogggggg world. I used to write here fairly consistently, and totally fell out of it while I was in New York. The wine probably didn't help, although in retrospect it probably would have made things a whole lot more interesting. So here's the really shocking part: I actually kind of miss it. Thus, goal number one: blog once a day before I hit 31. And then hopefully keep the ball rolling.

If I can manage this one thing, I think 31 will already be off to a good start, and then it's only a matter of time until Tom Everett Scott is mine.

*despite what it may sounds like, I have none of that "30 year old" anxiety...I look forward to my 30's - leaving the insecurity of my 20's far, far, FAR, behind.

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