three completely unrelated things

1. I've been reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and have been really enjoying it. While perhaps not surprising to some, it is for me - mainly because I'm a sucker for beautiful prose. For me, how something is written is almost more important than what is written. That being the case, I usually don't fair very well when I try to read classic novels or translations...I just find the language too sticky. So, whether I'm enjoying ATGIB mainly for the references to my old hood, or for whatever reason, I'm surprised at how fast I'm plowing through it.

2. I received some LUSH bath stuff as a Christmas gift, and have been a bit blown-away by how much I like it. I'm talking specifically of the Bubble Bars and Vegan Lip Balm. The Bubble Bars have a lovely scent, and the bubbles last FOREVER. They occasionally have some odd bits embedded in them (licorice pieces, paper confetti and star anise, for instance), but you can catch it easily with a mesh drain cover. Despite the fact that I know that LUSH products probably aren't the best choice for the environment, I would definitely consider putting up the money for more of this stuff in the future. These products have honestly turned me into a bubble-bath convert.

3. I watched Wendy And Lucy the other day and loved it. It's very beautiful, very subtle, and very worth watching. It's one of many films that will probably be trumped by blockbusters like The Wrestler (which is nonetheless AMAZING, btw), but I think it holds up. Watch it with your dog, and hug him for me.

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