there is no music in the immigration line, but there is a dancer inside you - fucking use it.*

Image of Tune Yards via Stereogum.

I don't normally write about music, mainly because I can't write about music, and don't care to pretend that I can. I usually can't identify the same song twice, can't recall the musical influences behind what I'm listening to, and normally can't even remember the names of any songs I love - even for the bands I love.

Which should in no way lead you to believe that I don't love music. I adore music, and adore my friends who are passionate enough about music to seek it out and share it with me.

Take it as a sign that for me to write about a band here - and to push me out of my comfort zone - that band must have really made an impact.

Last night found me at the blog launch for Inside the Frozen Mammoth, where I was treated to a show by Tune Yards.

It seems like it's been a very, very long time since I've been to a show that I enjoyed so completely.

I smiled, I danced, I wanted more. She's incredible, and if you get a chance to see her live, I get the feeling that this is where she really shines.

I'm not going to say anything beyond that, because well - I can't. But check it out. Download her album for whatever you wish to pay. Even if you hate it, it's worth the experience, trust me.

Now go and smile and be happy.

*butchered lyric by Tune Yards.

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