Weekend Recap

I managed to accomplish pretty much everything on my to-do list, which is a small miracle for me. However, of course I managed to not cut the freaking bangs, the thing that in theory would have been the easiest to accomplish. It's a good thing that long, in-your-eyes bangs are in style right now, because that's where mine are headed. I do enjoy lazy fashion.

The big event of the weekend was the opening of my second etsy shop. Because obviously I have too much time on my hands, and etsy wasn't sucking away my life as it was. I was originally hesitant to open a second shop because it feels like a lot to take on as a newbie seller (and perhaps a bit self-indulgent?), but I feel much better now with my vintage schtuff elsewhere. It just wasn't meshing.

So you can check out my vintage finds and my cute greying hair at: www.coucouvintage.etsy.com

And speaking of which, Tina of forrestina vintage featured my estate sale shift dress on her fab blog. To which I say, yay! A new vintage blog to read! I just can't get enough. Check it out!

And thus ends the shameless self-promotion for the day. I promise to get back to reality soon and post pictures of more interesting things, like cats and graffiti.


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