John Dilnot, my hero

When I lived in London, I was addicted to a little shop called Shelf, on Cheshire Street. I treated it like a well-loved local museum, stopping by every Sunday to ponder all of the beautiful objects under glass. My budget was meager, so I could rarely afford to buy anything, but did treat myself to a letterpress card from time to time, when I felt like being extravagant.

All of these cards are kept in a cardboard box that once contained tangerine oranges, so that one day when I'm feeling permanent enough to actually hang things on the walls, I can do just that.

Since that day hasn't happened yet, they remain sealed in their little box, and I have an amazing ability to kind of forget about them, until I'm reminded of them by someone else.

Enter Meet me at Mikes, who recently blogged about the amazing screenprinter John Dilnot.

His technical expertise and science-book style blow me away. I could just eat that registration. I adore his work, and am the proud owner of the bird card, above.

Check out more of his work at on his website.

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