hey baby, let's leave vegas (and possibly never return)

Fake grass at the Wynn Casino.

Believe it or not, I actually did make it back from Vegas, wallet and morals mainly intact.

The weather was beautiful, the wedding was an adventure, and it was incredibly wonderful to see my family.

Vegas, on the other hand, lacked a bit of the kitsch charm that I was expecting. The main attraction seemed to be cruising the strip with a giant (and I do mean GIANT, as in whale-bone sized) alcoholic bevvy of your choice, bumping into the hoards of other people doing the same thing. Or, you could always shop in one of the many, many malls at your disposal.

Maybe I'm just too old for this crap, but J and I seriously locked ourselves in the hotel room one night and watched TLC. It was just that overwhelming.

We did manage to escape to Freemont Street one night, and that was pretty great. The rest - meh. I could take or leave it.

At the least, it was definitely an experience. And we found a $20.00 poker chip under the bed!

Talk about luck.


buttercup caren said...

Red + Blue = joy! Those shoes are delicious! (they make the fake grass look glorious)

Sad that Vegas lacks the kitschy charm! I have this little fuzzy kitschy daydream vision of Vegas, too, that I realize is nowhere near reality.

Fallon said...

I live in Las Vegas and there is nothing Kitchy about it! Next time you're here, take a trip about 20 miles out of town to Boulder City. That's my favorite way to escape this crazy place and is filled with loads of charm :)

Love your shoes!