if I had a hundred dollars

Spring arrived early this year, and I'm already back on the bike and loving every second of it. It's just so easy hop on my bike and cruise around, running errands - it's such a lovely way to travel. I miss it so much when winter hits, and I deem it officially too cold to bike, although I did make it to December this year.

It's just so convenient that sometimes I forget that if I go somewhere on my bike, I have to also return that way. Perfect example: this afternoon, while on a fabric run, I ended up having to balance 10+ meters of fabric on the frame of my bike as I rode home. I made it, but it wasn't what I would call fun. Actually, the words annoying and awkward come to mind.

I desperately need to get a basket for my bike, and oh wow, if I had $100 to spend freely right now, these beauties would be mine:

I'll be jealous, but you can buy them here.

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