Chez Snips!

The above salon was discovered by my wonderful boy (via Midnight Poutine). The boy also went to Nathan and shares my strong desire for a local, reasonably priced and reliable hair salon. In addition, I also have a strong desire for said hair salon to be decorated in my preferred colour palette of vintage-inspired greens, blues, yellows and pinks, and be decked out with vintage salon furnishings.

We both win!

I'm so unusually enthusiastic today!

My cut at Chez Snips was a totally enjoyable experience. Nadyne is lovely (she encourages people to trim their own bangs!), she's an extremely skilled and attentive hair stylist (she aptly cut the boy's super thick and wavy hair), and I walked away pleased as punch.

My cut was $45.00, which was totally reasonable, considering that I used to go to the Aveda salon for a $70.00 haircut (plus crazy large tip that I always felt obliged to leave), which in the end inspired me to start growing my hair out. (Seriously, who can afford to maintain a short haircut at that price? I would like to know.)

I really should be including a photo of my haircut to emphasize my point, but my exhaustive schedule is making me look pasty and terrible (no offense to Nadyne's lovely haircut, which really is fantastic), and I have no interest in including a photo of myself. Maybe some other day.

Check it out!

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