Well hello, September.

It was my Mom's Birthday on the 24th, and yesterday she sent me the above photo, taken of a medicine cabinet that she found at a garage sale. I don't think my Mom has ever taken a mirror portrait before, and I love it, even if it was accidental.

It's been all kinds of crazy in my world. My parents visited at the beginning of August, bringing an AMAZING truckload of furniture. And also many, many, boxes. Boxes and boxes and boxes of STUFF that I've been storing in my Mom's garage. Boxes of photographs, of papers, of fabrics...everything. It's amazing how your perspective of what's valuable changes with time. While sorting through everything, I've experienced just as many "what was I thinking?" moments as I have "I'm so glad I've held onto this" ones.

As a result of all those boxes, I feel like I've been in moving and packing and unpacking mode for two months straight. And on top of all that, I had some serious studio drama and stress, and as a result have moved into a new studio as of September 1st. I'm now happily set up (sort of) in Red Bird Studios. There's still much to be done there, but it already feels so much better. I've always loved that space, and I'm so excited to be a part of it!

So, before I can even take a breath, things are going to get extra crazy. I have craft sales to prepare for, wholesale requests to attend to, new products to develop, and old products to refine.

I'll try to keep this space updated with all of the exciting things around the corner, because I'm sure there will be much to tell.

I do love September.

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