busy! busy once again!

Like the majority of the crafting world, I'm ridiculously busy at the moment. Busy and starting to panic as I creep steadily towards the "holy crap I don't know if I'm going to get it all done" stage.

I'm preparing for two upcoming craft sales: Smart Design Mart, to be held on December 4,5 & 6 in Montreal, and City of Craft, on December 18th and 19th in Toronto. I'm extremely excited about both, but definitely have my work cut out for me! I'm sure the talent at both will reach the blow you out of the water stage, so you should definitely check one or both of them out.

Posts will be few and far between as approach December, but I'll try to sneak in some updates on some new products I'm working on (bikes! glasses! glow in the dark ink!). In the meantime, check out this cute etsy treasury, created by etsy seller marcela. I think it's so pretty, and I'm very pleased to be part of it!

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