You know what's amazing? Moms. Specifically, my Mom.

My amazing mother made the long trek from Saskatoon to Montreal this past weekend, just to help me with the countless hours of ironing and sewing that has to be done in preparation for the upcoming sales. As the "to do" pile has gradually morphed into the "done-and-done" pile I realized that I really couldn't have done it without her. Amazing.

And on that note, this post, from Claire Loves has really resonated with me.

This past year has not been easy. I took a 9-5 graphic design job earlier this year for some financial security, and feel like I'm constantly running in circles. I currently spend over two hours a day commuting, 8 hours a day trapped in an office far far away from my studio (and anything else, really), and my evenings and weekends working my butt off to try and catch up. I'm constantly exhausted, and as a result feel like I'm never living up to my full potential.

I know there are people out there who somehow manage to juggle two careers or careers and families, or families and lives or whatever, but man, I don't know how they do it. For me, something as simple as taking photos of new work takes a week for me to accomplish, which is so discouraging.

My health is taking a hit, my sanity is taking a hit, and most importantly - my happiness is starting to hit rock bottom.

I need to start making some real and significant changes in my life towards what I really want and really love doing - illustrating and printing textiles - and it's never been more apparent than now.

January is just around the corner and to that, I say bring it on. Let's make something happen.

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