polish children's books

I'm a massive fan of Polish poster illustration. I fell in love with some posters at a random shop (I have no idea where it even was) in Edinburgh waaaay back in 1998 or so. Sadly, being on a backpackers budget at the time, I left with a couple of postcards but no actual posters to lug across Western Europe with me (in retrospect, I should probably be thankful for this).

When J and I traveled to Kracow a few years ago, I had high hopes of visiting this place to finally score a poster or two for myself, but alas, it was closed on the days we were there. I almost cried. Backpacking is an emotional experience, what can I tell you?

They're pretty easy to come across online now - you can check out a bunch of posters at the The Grayspace Poster Gallery (found via Drawn), and there are also quite a few online shops out there.

You can imagine my excitement when I discovered this Polish children's book illustration site, via Camilla Engman. Above are a few of my favorites (all images courtesy of the site).

I have a few Polish school and story books at home that I adore - I live by a Polish Catholic church that frequently has bazaars. I'll have to try to scan them to share the wealth.

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