I had big plans for this weekend. Huge. As big and as complex as that there sandwich (which was delicious, I should add).

Everything was looking good on Friday: the weather forecast was amazing, J and I were flying solo, and I was full of enthusiasm to log some serious studio time. I had a minor sore throat - but no biggie - I took some Cold FX, went to Portishead in the Old Port and figured I'd be fine the next morning. 

I awoke on Saturday morning with a nasty, nasty cold that zapped me of all my energy and turned my motivation to poop. Determined to soldier through, I dragged my sick butt out of bed early, ran errands, did my weekly fabric pre-wash at the buanderette, and figured I could still get some serious printing in, courtesy of Tylenol Cold & Flu.

Not so much. 

As fate would have it, our studio bathrooms were being renovated on the weekend, so there was zero water in the building. I attempted to maneuver around this by printing at home, but it was too messy and windy and more frustrating than productive. I then attempted to print at the studio, bringing my screens home to rinse them in my bathtub. This was slightly more productive, but still about equally as frustrating. By about 2:00 on Saturday afternoon, I succumbed to my sinus pain and collapsed on the couch. Enter the next two hours of napping on the couch while listening to Iron and Wine.

It didn't get much more productive than that. I was whining to my Mother last night about my lost weekend, and she did point out that thankfully I had a cold AND the water was off at my studio on the same weekend. This is a valid point - I lost one weekend rather than two, and it did make me feel a bit better. I'm trying not to stress it too much, considering that stress is probably what made me sick in the first place. Live and learn. 

But I'm being a complainer. All things considered, the weekend was pretty good. We ate VERY well. J cooked an entire turkey for the two of us, and then turned that turkey into a delicious club sandwich and turkey pie the next day - all of which were amazing. On Monday, I met up with my pal Katka and her super cute kiddo, which gave me some much-needed coffee-sipping time in the sun. We also went to a friend's wedding party on Saturday evening for a bit, which gave me some much needed scotch-sipping time in the dark. 

And I did get some solid work done in my studio yesterday afternoon (on some new goodies that I'm excited about!). So yeah - when you get down to the bones of it, I'm pretty thankful for this past weekend. It wasn't as big of a gathering as we had last year, but it was nice and simple, and maybe that was what I needed anyway. 

In any case, I emerged from the weekend feeling motivated and ready to take on the mountain of work ahead of me. And for that, I'm thankful. 

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