wheat-free baking adventures

As previously tweeted, yesterday I made a deal with myself that if I went for a run, I could spend the remainder of the night baking cookies and embroidering. I love embroidering because although it's technically work, I can do it in front of the Animation Show

So, 4 mile run completed, I set about making these cookies

I've been eating a wheat-free diet for about 3 months now, but this is my first foray into the world of baking for myself. I don't bake (or let's be honest, cook) very much in general, but about once a year I really crave home-baked goods.

I found all of the unusual ingredients at my local health-food store. The tapioca starch and guar gum weren't super cheap, but came in large quantities, so I'll always have some on hand if need be. 

They were super easy to whip up, even at my novice level and with a sketchy oven.

The results were pretty good. The rice crispies in these cookes definitely add some much-needed crunch (I omitted the peanuts, but think these would have helped as well), and the result reminds me of biting into little toffee bits.

On first bite, I find they taste a bit strange - almost powdery or baking soda-y. I can't tell if I'm just getting used to the taste, or if I really enjoy them, but I did proceed to polish off 4 of them in a row last night, so they're obviously not THAT bad. 

I find the most difficult thing about wheat and gluten-free products is the texture. I have yet to find a cookie or bread-like product that has the same light and flaky texture that flour lends. I've just accepted this as my new reality, so if anyone has any suggestions, do tell!

As an added bonus: J and I were snacking on some raclette cheese while I was eating a cookie, and found that they (oddly?) pair really well with this cheese. Who knew?

Wheat-free chocolate chip cookie raclette this weekend, anyone?

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