As I've mentioned previously, I'm friends with a bunch of foodies - foodies who like to participate in friendly food-based competitions. These competitions are really just thinly veiled excuses for us to get together as a group, eat a bunch of delicious food, have a couple of chilled drinks, and trash talk each other in the nicest way possible. 

This past weekend, J and I played host for the 1st annual Sandwich-Off, in our brand-spankin' new apartment.

It was so nice to spend an evening with some of our best buds in our new place, which is SO much better for entertaining than the old digs. And as for the food – my friends, they brought it. 

We feasted on nine delicious sandwiches, ranging from veggie to meaty to deserty. They were all incredibly creative and amazing, but the hands-down winner was a pulled pork sandwich that had been slow-cooking on the BBQ since 10:30 that morning. I don’t have a photo of the finished sandwich, which is probably good because if it was posted here you would lick the screen.

Naturally, I skipped breakfast the next day, but man, oh man, was it worth it. What a great way to break in our new home. 

How was your weekend?

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