in the apartment in my head, the year after I was born

The above images are all from a volume titled "The Apartment Book", published 1979. I found this book while out thrifting, and had to buy it once I discovered how *amazingly* current the images looked.

The kitchen table is so completely up my alley. The bedroom in my current apartment is pretty tiny, so earlier this winter I was actually investigating how to build a Murphy bed... I'm all for fold-away or stackable furniture to ease the pain of living in a small space. With the added bonus of being able to just fold the clutter away.

I'm not sure why, but I've never been comfortable in big, airy spaces. I've always liked rooms filled with nooks and lofts and secret hiding spots. I guess in some way I'm still trying to build the forts and treehouses of my childhood, but indoors. And with fewer spiders this time.

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