Elfin Saddle, or "I want to hang out inside your artwork"

The above pics are from the current Elfin Saddle window display at Phonopolis, taken at night. I know they're not colour-corrected, but I'm not wasting the time, because I like the aquarium-like quality that the yellow gives them.

The display is to promote their album Ringing For The Begin Again. I've never heard their music (I won't blab on about my lack of an internet connection again...I write this from work...and yes, I still don't have internet at home), but their art - their art makes me giddy. It totally reminds me of Hieronymous Bosch, but in a less moralistic way. Look at me finally putting all of those art history classes to good use...

Check out more of their collaborations and individual work on their site. It's all pretty amazing.

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