shop officially open!

Not-so-terribly-good photo of my craft sale table. I really need to sit down and get to know my camera one of these days...


These days, when I cross something off my to-do list, another thing just gets tacked onto the bottom.

But! In spite of the never-ending, all-encompassing to-do list, I managed to set aside a few hours on Monday and *finally* list a few of my things on etsy! This took me - oh - only about 2 years to accomplish.

The list, she's a long one.

You can check out my swag here: www.coucousalut.etsy.com

I'll be adding new items and updating it frequently, so check back often. ;)

And while I'm in a "checking things off the list" mood, I'd like to thank Rachel of Brazen Design for her sweet words about my pillows. Thanks, Rachel!

You must go and peruse her stuff - girl is not only totally RAD, but also makes some of the most beautiful nature-inspired jewelry I've seen (as a Canadian, I *dare* you to look at her pinecone necklaces and not NEED one). And please note that this is coming from a total jewelry-phobic individual. Seriously, check it out.

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