dorking out

Like a dorky mom sending her first-born off to school, I couldn't resist taking photos of this stack of pillows, headed off to General 54 later today.

In a stroke of luck, I managed to get my new business cards back from the printer just in time to send them along with the pillows. I'm really happy with how they turned out - they're printed with a mat finish, which I think reflects the look of screenprinted ink on paper better than a glossy finish would.

I was handing out moo cards previously - perfect for the indecisive and non-commital. I would definitely consider getting them again, because people were definitely attracted to the unique size, but I felt like I needed a bit more of a "branded" look.

Business card front (and upside down):

And back:



Littleclouds said...

Are these moo cards but the same image for all?

Your pillows look really yummy btw!

shanny said...

Littleclouds: these aren't actually moo cards, but proper two-sided business cards. I have printed moo cards in the past though. Thanks for the compliment!