puppies can be terrifying

I was in Ottawa a couple of weekends ago for a friend's wedding, and happened to pick up a copy of Upfront as I exited a local pub/brunch place (the name escapes me, it was quite good though).

The photos of Genevieve Thauvette from the October issue (one graced the cover of the magazine) were so compelling that I promptly set about researching the Dionne Quintuplets upon my return.

Until now, I had never really spent much time reading about them or their history. I had definitely heard about them, but that's as far as it went. For sake of keeping this short, I won't get into their history here, or try to dissect their lives, as I think it's pretty apparent that what happened to them is pretty inconceivable and shocking (although obvious comparisons have been made to the Gosselins). Wow, I can't believe I just linked to that page...I guess this was reality TV before there was reality TV?

I spent a good afternoon pouring over old photos and articles about them, but my favorite by far is the clip of them being shown a PUPPY as children and running away in horror. You can watch the clip here, just scroll down a bit.

Pretty shocking. If you're interested in checking out more articles and photos about them, the Dionne Quintuplets Digitization Project has a ton of stuff, including the slightly creepy photo, above.

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