Puces Pop Recap

Pop Montreal!

I cannot say enough of the good words for Pop Montreal. I love riding my bike around to check out different shows. I love not getting into the bands I wanted to see, forcing me to check out other amazing bands. I love that it supports so many local artists, in so many different capacities (including my friends in Satellite Maps - check 'em out). And Fever Ray live was AMAZING.

It was a fun, crazy weekend, with a lot of really late nights. And Puces Pop was just the cherry on top.

I managed to make a few small loops of the sale, but still feel like I missed a lot of the stuff that was there. There's just so much amazing local talent! Some of my favorites from this year's sale:

Ring from Nervous System. They use awesome 3D digital printing as part of their process, which fascinates me to no end. This is the future, people.

Burlesque Legs wallet, from Bespoke Uprising. Roisin hand-dyes, prints and sews all of her wares. They are so beautiful, and I love their rustic feel. Plus, she's super sweet.

Stephen Harper = Hamster Face card, by Kirsten McCrea. I feel as though its awesomeness can speak for itself.

I walked away with so much inspiration and positive feedback, and I'm already hoping to do it again next year. Can't wait.

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Kirsten McCrea said...

Awesome! Thanks so much!

Congrats on making the move to Montreal --- it is GREAT here. Cheap rent and lotsa art and music, indeed.