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It's no secret that I've moved around a lot. Apartments, cities, countries, you name it. After awhile, you kind of get used to the rhythm of it, all except for one thing (warning, vanity ahead): I HATE trying to find a new hairdresser.

Typically, once I finally do hunt someone amazing down, I only get one appointment before they

a) take stress leave
b) quit
c) disappear on me (all except Nathan. Oh Nathan, I'm sorry I left you, you still have my heart).

So, all of this moving around and vanity stress has lead me to where I am now: I've been cutting my own bangs for over a year now, dyeing my own hair for a few years and growing it out for over 6 months.

In all honestly, after watching SO many hairdressers cut my bangs, only to result in me going home to correct them myself, I'm getting pretty good at achieving what I want. The same rules apply for the home hair dyeing kit. The fancy stuff in salons? I don't think it's so fancy. And besides, I usually have to convince them to go as dark as I want. It's MY HAIR, people. I shouldn't have to debate the issue.

So here it is: my look for fall 2009. And my advice: when it comes to your hair - be brave, people, be brave.


As an aside, I have to commend Anna from Door Sixteen for her recent post in which she lists Adobe Photoshop as part of her beauty regime. Oh hells ya, I Photoshopped the crappers out of my bags.

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