Radio Lab

If I were to give an acceptance speech in response to winning an award for best performance in making it though a 9-5 office job, thanking Radio Lab would be paramount.

I'm addicted, and have been downloading episodes like they're going out of style. Today, on a particularly rough day where I fear that I may very well be getting the flu, I discovered the "In C" episode, and am totally intrigued by the whole project.

And that's what Radio Lab does - it intrigues me, opens my eyes to new ideas, and gets me excited about everything that goes down around. Anyone who has had to listen to one of my "so, on Radio Lab today..." stories can vouch for my heartfelt enthusiasm.

So, thank you, Radio Lab, I couldn't have done it without you.

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Bess Callard said...

Oh, I'm such a podcast junkie too, and Radio Lab is at the top of my list! Have you heard the episode on morality? Such a goodie!!

I stopped by your booth today at Puces Pop, (I was the blog with the camera that kept snapping pix!) and just wanted to pop in and let you I love your work!