keeping warm!

This weekend, I decided to officially accept the following:

a) that I live in Montreal, and intend to stick around for awhile
b) I am no longer 16 and it is no longer cool to slouch around in crappy cloth shoes all winter
c) it is officially winter, and that snow just ain't going nowhere.

The result of this was a beautiful pair of Sorel boots (in classic black, but you get the idea). I no longer fear stepping off the curb, into puddles of unknown depth and consistency. Dancing at the bus stop can merely be for pleasure, not blood circulation. And now, the possibility of even considering a night out at Igloofest is a valid option.

My feet are thanking me, and have been doing so for the past 24 hours. Life is good.

And it's even better when you get included in a cute treasury (not once, but twice even!) like the one above. Super dupes cute.

I'm dans les patates in prep for City of Craft, but if I can pull it off, you'll see plenty of thermos goodness there.

Keep warm out there!

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