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Because it's back-to-school season, I'm getting the urge to go crazy and organize every last inch of my life.

I'm at best horribly organized, and have been making a huge effort to amend this. The latest advancement has been to circle important dates on my crappy (and frankly, poorly designed) flip calendar at work, which has been surprisingly helpful. I even tried to save a couple of dates in the "planner" on my crappy cell phone (I own the same model as Jesse Pinkman, if that's any indication), but that didn't really work out.

I've been mulling over the iPhone debate for awhile now. As in, whether or not I'll actually use it, or whether - and this is by far the more likely scenario - I will just accidentally dump it on the side of the road one day and be out $600.

I've been playing around with J's lately, and have determined that it might actually benefit me in a lot of ways. Organization aside, I think being able to blog and take awesome photos (seriously, some of J's Hipstamatic pics are amazing) on the fly is going to be invaluable for me.

One of the biggest challenges I've been facing lately is trying to fit everything in. Working 9-5, a coma-inducing commute, attempting to have a sliver of a life, AND managing my personal work are all being crammed into far too tiny a space. I've complained about this before, and this here blog takes the biggest hit. I do take pictures from time to time, but find that the process of loading them on to my computer, editing them and making it pretty takes WAY too much of my time and energy. I'm sure there are neat-o efficient ways of doing this (suggestions welcomed!), but I don't have the time to investigate right now.

So maybe I'm just sugar coating my ideas about an iPhone because I really just want to play Plants vs. Zombies all day every day, but I really think it will help me.

So I think it's decided. I'm getting an iPhone and am pretty durn excited.

Beautiful blue leather iPhone case from Broundoor.

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