hoosier cupboard kitchen counter

I always know when my Mom and Stepdad have been in town, because once they leave my apartment is just a little bit more awesome. Not because their gone - it sucks when they leave - but because they are also awesome and do a little DIY for us when they're around.

This trip, they brought us our new kitchen addition - the hoosier cupboard-turned kitchen counter. J and I had been on the hunt for more counter and storage space, and this does the trick. We originally had the table in this corner of the kitchen, but it wasn't working out. It was too much of a pain to pull out to actually eat at, and as a counter it was too low and awkward.

The base of the new counter was originally the top of a hoosier cabinet. When I was home this summer and hunting through my Mom's garage for stuff I might like to "borrow", I saw this beauty and thought it might work for us. She stained the outside and painted the inside, and it looks beautiful below our crate shelving.

We weren't sure how to create the work surface, but decided on a Värde countertop from IKEA. It's held on by screws that were drilled through the top of the cupboard (the top wasn't in great shape anyway), and is braced in the back with a few angle brackets. We discovered the hard way that the weight distribution in the back was too uneven, because the counter is about twice the width of the cupboard. We may have to brace it to the wall in the future, but so far the angle brackets are working. I was uncertain about the length of the countertop - and specifically how the overhang would look - but our kitchen stool fits perfectly underneath, making a nice little breakfast eating area.

The space behind the cupboard serves a purpose as well, as we have a radiator behind the cupboard. If it went flush to the wall, it would mean no heat in the winter, so it worked out perfectly.

I love how it all turned out, and our kitchen is at least 80% more functional now! Yay for handy parents!

PS please excuse my picture quality - I've been playing with my new iPhone (!) and haven't completely figured it out yet.

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Kitchen Benchtops said...

Love the countertop. It's gorgeous! And you did an amazing job on the finish.