OOAK shop open!

1. Needle Felted Lion by Lesley-Anne Green
2. Citrus Juicer by Amélie Lucier and Julien Mongeau
3. Anchored Cushion by Shannon Adolph
4. Animal Print Scarf by Eve Gravel
5. Pointed Collar and Bow Tie by AnneMarie Minardi and Gillian Ward
6. High Park Journal by Roy Liang
7. Chocolate Box by Odile Chatelain
8. Listening to Records by Kelly Grace
9. Leather Pouch by Sarra Tang
10. Modern Mala Bracelet by Trudy Wynans

The OOAK show online shop is officially open, and it looks amazing!

I only have enough fabric for 25 of my pillows, so get one while you can!

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