Puces Pop 2011 Recap

I hope that everyone went to check out Puces Pop this year. If not, shame on you - it was one of the best years yet.

Some of my faves from this sale:

Awesome knits from Million Dollar Swim. Check out her swell silkscreened tags - they're as beautiful as her mittens!

Gorgeous belts and recycled handbags from
Deborah Adams. I love Deborah's work so much. She made that awesome snakeskin handbag (oh my god I'm sorry for the crappy photo!) from a recycled shoulder pad!

Cute hankies from Olivia Mew.

Simple and cute earrings from Val of Instant Crimson. I love this girl and her work.

Beautiful tops and dresses from Les Enfants Sauvages.

Adorable monsters from Velvet Moustache. The eyeball pops out, in case you were wondering. This made me giddy.

Beautiful and fun prints from Rosin of Bespoke Uprising. As a fellow printmaker, I can vouch for how much work this girl puts into her textiles, and they speak for themselves!

Adorable Iveth and her cute banner for the Angry Weather. Her jewelry is also adorable.

I always find this sale crazy inspiring, and I have to admit that once I was there, I was a bit bummed to not be participating.

As an aside: as someone who's been on both sides of the craft show table, please always ask before you take photos of someone's product. They put their heart and soul into what they sell, and it's rude to just take a picture without even saying hi. I see so many people doing this, and it's just plain silly. Craftspeople love to talk about what they do, so if you love their stuff, ask them about it - seriously. I trust that you'll be amazed at the care and thought that they put into their product. Don't just take a picture it will last longer and walk away. Please.

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