sink or swim

I spent a large chunk of my weekend with these little guys. On Saturday afternoon, I called in the troops and we had the stuffing party to end all stuffing parties. There was polyfill a flyin', and we didn't stop until we ran out of fluff. It's so much more fun to do these repetitive tasks with a group of amazing and willing buds. I stitched most of them up on Sunday, and they're pretty much ready to go.

These little swimmers are small in stature, but not in character. Each one comes with a reminder to "sink or swim", and they would look adorable poking out of the top of a stocking!

As a side note, I've been adding some links to "coucou online elsewhere" menu. You can find links to my twitter feed, my instagram photos, and my current look book.

Today marks my official one-week mark for The One of a Kind Show (my goods are leaving a bit before me).  I can't believe it! I feel really good about my progress, but there's no stopping now. It's time to sink or swim for real.

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