cardboard drum diy

Before we moved, I picked up this old cardboard drum at a garage sale for $2. The wooden lid can be removed - making it perfect for storage - and it's sturdy enough to sit on if an extra stool is called for.

Hello, beautiful functional object, and welcome to my home...
I loved the stamp on the top and the kraft-coloured cardboard, but didn't love the previous owner's  "mitaines / tuques" sharpie labelling on the side. My original plan was to paint the drum, and I still might do that, but for a quick fix I broke out the wallpaper
I've had this roll of vintage wallpaper for about three years (purchased - once again - at an amazing garage sale for $2), but hadn't found a use for it yet. The paper is hand-screened and in beautiful condition, but the pattern is pretty strong, so I don't have the desire to paper a wall with it. Besides, as an apartment dweller I'm hesitant to do something so permanent to my walls.
I finished this in about ten minutes. I used my hot glue gun around the top and bottom edge to tack it in place, so that if I get tired of it, easy removal is an option. It's not perfect, because there's a small dent that causes the paper to sit a bit crooked on one side, but I think it's a vast improvement over having to think about winter apparel every time I look at this corner.
I have three or four more rolls of vintage paper kicking around, and this makes me excited to put them to use too. Our new apartment feels so much more "homey" than the old one, and it's motivating me to break out the DIY. It doesn't hurt that there's actually some space to do these projects in now.

Up next: finally hang some pictures on the wall, perhaps this weekend?

Have a happy Friday and a great and productive weekend, everyone!

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