I'm back (or shall I say, knee?)

photo taken a few weeks ago when I could walk like a normal person

I've never had strong knees, but I run regularly anyway. This, coupled with the reality that I've had a couple of nasty falls in my life makes for some pretty beaten-down joints.

But know this: you cannot tell a runner not to run.

So, because my mental stamina far exceeds my physical ability, I've managed to injure my knee enough to make walking very uncomfortable. And uncomfortable is exactly how I would describe it. Picture feeling like your knee cap is going to pop off every time you straighten you leg. And then try not to vomit.

I'm generally really active, and it's killing me to not be able to walk/bike/run, especially at this time of year when you can can start to feel that crisp fall air under the heat. I'm so mad at myself right now that I could just cry. And I'm also mad at our healthcare system, but that's an entirely different rant that I don't have the energy to get into.

All I'll say is that I spent Monday in the tangles of the medical system, which didn't get me very far. So for now it's just rest, ice, compression, elevation, and some pain killers, to be taken with a harsh dose of reality. I have an appointment with a physiotherapist on Friday, and I'm hoping that it's just a sprain or strain or something fixable, not something requiring surgery. Which will - regardless - cost me a lot of money to find out.  Please cross your fingers and pray to the money gods for me.

In other, brighter and less joint-related news, I'm going to be vending at this fall's edition of Puces Pop, which is so exciting.

I really do love this sale, and can't wait! Details are below, and I hope to see you there!

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