I've been such a blog slacker lately, it's ridiculous. I think it falls under the "she bit off more than she could chew" scope of things, but I have been positively run into the ground lately.

Before I go on, I need to send a HUGE thanks out to everyone who came out earlier this month to the OOAK Show, souk@satSmart Design Mart and/or Winter Wonders. It was amazing to talk to so many new and returning customers, and you have all made the past few weekends a huge success for me and coucou salut, so thank you so much. I've really pushed myself this year, and it's great to get so much fantastic feedback about what I do. I really couldn't do it without any of you.

But we're not done yet!

My last show of the season starts this evening at 6:00 p.m., so if you've missed me at any of the past sales, definitely come out and say hi at Puces Pop. Puces Pop is always a good time, and it runs from tonight through Sunday, at Église Saint-Enfant-Jésus du Mile-End (the church on the corner of St.Laurent and Laurier). We're open until 9:00 tonight, and then from 11:00-6:00 on Saturday/Sunday.

If you have finished your holiday shopping, or if you're like me, haven't even started, now is your chance. Come by and support your community by buying something handmade, well-made, and surely more meaningful than something cheap from the mall.

Oh yeah, and I'm told there will be perogies in attendance!!

See you there!

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